Big Horn at Tongue River Football Highlights – 10/16/21

First Quarter:

0:03 Jacob Knobloch (Tongue River) sacks Cooper Garber (Big Horn)

0:13 Garber 15 yard pass to Dylan Greenough-Groom from the Tongue River 16 to the Tongue River 1

0:24 Greenough-Green 1 yard touchdown run. Big Horn called for holding.

0:34 Greenough-Groom 7 yard touchdown run Big Horn 7 Tongue River 0

0:48 Noah Maneval (Tongue River) sacks Garber (Big Horn)

Second Quarter:

0:58 #3 (Big Horn…not listed in program) intercepts Eli Cummins (Tongue River)

1:11 Cache Van Tassel (Tongue River) tackles Dawson Richards (Big Horn) for a loss

1:23 Garber 3 yard touchdown pass to Cade Butler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 0

1:34 Tongue River’s homecoming King and Queen

Third Quarter:

1:38 Van Tassel 40 yard run from Tongue River 40 to Big Horn 20

1:53 Cummins 16 yard touchdown pass to Garrett Ostler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 7

2:09 Cummins 9 yard run from Big Horn 33 to Big Horn 24 on 4th and 5

2:21 Cummins 33 yard touchdown pass to Ostler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 14

2:39 Tongue River Eagle mascot dancing to Cotton Eye Joe

Fourth Quarter:

2:45 Butler (Big Horn) intercepts Ryan McCafferty (Tongue River)

3:00 Garber 4 yard touchdown run Big Horn 21 Tongue River 14

3:11 McCafferty (Tongue River) fumbles. Drew Heermann (Big Horn) recovers

3:24 Connor Cummins 64 yard touchdown pass to Ostler on 4th and 7 from Tongue River 36 Big Horn 21 Tongue River 20 with 59.7 seconds remaining.

3:42 Cummins runs in 2-point conversion. Tongue River called for holding.

3:57 Cummins pass to Ostler for 2-point conversion Tongue River 22 Big Horn 21

4:10 Big Horn attempts hook and ladder play on 4th down but fumbles. Tongue River recovers.

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