Gillette Roughriders at Sheridan Troopers – Legion Baseball 7-14-22

Gillette Roughriders at Sheridan Troopers – Legion Baseball 7-14-22

In Game 1, the Troopers were 1 out away from winning, and ended up losing.

In Game 2, Sheridan survived a bases loaded jam in the top of the 8th, and then won on a walk-off passed ball.

Game 1:

Top 1st:

0:05 Brennan Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Seth Patersen (Gillette)

0:14 Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Cory Schilling (Gillette)

Bottom 1st:

0:24 Leigton Holden (Gillette) strikes out Trevor Stowe (Sheridan)

0:32 Cody Kilpatrick RBI single. Michael Greer scores Sheridan 1 Gillette 0

0:50 Caden Steel RBI double. Dalton Nelson scores Sheridan 2 Gillette 0

1:06 Cael Hamrick sacrifice fly. Kilpatrick scores Sheridan 3 Gillette 0

1:23 Brock Steel RBi single. Caden Steel scores Sheridan 4 Gillette 0

Top 2nd:

1:38 Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Riley Schilling (Gillette)

1:48 Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Brady Richards (Gillette)

Bottom 2nd:

1:56 Holden (Gillette) strikes out Rich Hall (Sheridan)

2:05 Holden (Gillette) strikes out Nelson (Sheridan)

Top 3rd:

2:13 Jason Fink RBI single. Seth Petersen scores. Sheridan 4 Gillette 1

2:25 Riley Schilling grounds into fielder’s choice. Out at first (Hamrick to Caden Steel). Colson Kluck scores. Sheridan 4 Gillette 2

Bottom 3rd:

2:38 Kilpatrick flies out to center field (Keyton Kilian)

2:51 Caden Steel RBI single. Stowe scores. Sheridan 5 Gillette 2

Top 4th:

3:03 Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Richards (Gillette)

3:12 Mortensen (Sheridan) strikes out Seth Petersen (Gillette)

Bottom 4th:

3:20 Stowe lines out to 2nd base (Dominic Hecker)

3:30 Kilpatrick RBI single. Greer scored Sheridan 6 Gillette 2

Top 6th:

3:46 Stowe (Sheridan) strikes out Karver Partlow (Gillette)

3:55 Kluck lines out to 3rd base (Greer)

Not pictured: Cory Schilling RBI single. Kilian scores Sheridan 6 Gillette 3

4:05 Fink 2-RBI double. Seth Petersen and Cory Schilling score Sheridan 6 Gillette 5

4:27 Hamrick (Sheridan) strikes out Cason Loftus (Gillette)

Top 7th:

4:36 Brock Steel (Sheridan) strikes out Kilian (Gillette)

4:46 Brock Steel (Sheridan) strikes out Kluck (Gillette)

4:55 Cory Schilling RBI single. Hecker scores. Gillette 6 Sheridan 6

Not pictured: Aiden Peterson scores on a bases loaded walk Gillette 7 Sheridan 6

Bottom 7th:

5:10 Aiden Peterson (Gillette) strikes out Hamrick (Sheridan)

5:20 Carter Dubberley grounds out to 3rd base. (Cory Schilling to Fink)

Final score: Gillette 7 Sheridan 6

Game 2:

Top 1st:

Not pictured: Seth Petersen scores on a bases loaded walk. Gillette 1 Sheridan 0

5:36 Nelson (Sheridan) strikes out Loftus (Gillette)

Bottom 1st:

5:47 Caden Steel reaches on an error. Dubberley scores Sheridan 1 Gillette 1

Top 2nd:

6:03 Nelson (Sheridan) strikes out Kilian (Gillette)

Bottom 2nd:

6:12 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Hall (Sheridan)

6:21 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Greer (Sheridan)

Top 3rd:

6:29 Fink grounds out to shortstop (Hall to Caden Steel)

Bottom 3rd:

6:42 Kilpatrick grounds into 4-6-3 double play (Hecker to Seth Petersen to Aiden Peterson). Dubberley out at 2nd.

Top 4th:

6:54 Aiden Peterson RBI single. Loftus scores. Gillette 2 Sheridan 1

7:07 Kilian lines out to shortstop (Hall)

Bottom 4th:

7:17 Hamrick RBI single. Nelson scores. Sheridan 2 Gillette 2

7:31 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Hunter Stone.

Top 6th:

7:40 Nelson (Sheridan) strikes out Hecker (Gillette)

Bottom 6th:

7:49 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Hamrick (Sheridan)

Top 7th:

7:58 Greer (Sheridan) strikes out Kilian (Gillette)

8:08 Kluck caught stealing 2nd (Kilpatrick to Cael Hamrick)

Bottom 7th:

8:21 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Stone (Sheridan)

Top 8th:

8:29 Greer (Sheridan) strikes out Hecker (Gillette) with the bases loaded

8:37 Cory Schilling caught stealing home (Kilpatrick)

Bottom 8th:

8:49 Kilpatrick singles to right field. Greer out at home (Loftus to Aiden Peterson to Schilling)

9:08 Dubberley scores on a passed ball. Sheridan 3 Gillette 2

Final score: Sheridan 3 Gillette 2

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