Gillette Roughriders vs. Cheyenne Post 6 Legion Baseball AA State Tournament 2022 at Sheridan

Gillette Roughriders vs. Cheyenne Post 6 Legion Baseball AA State Tournament 2022 at Sheridan.

After trailing 5-0 going into the bottom of the 6th inning, Cheyenne would rally to win 7-6 on a walk-off walk.

The 2-time defending AA state champs are in the state championship game.

Top 1:

0:05 Wyatt Haught (Cheyenne) strikes out Seth Petersen (Gillette)

0:14 Haught (Cheyenne) strikes out Mason Drube (Gillette)

Bottom 1:

0:23 Jason Fink (Gillette) strikes out Zack Costopoulos (Cheyenne)

Top 2:

0:34 Haight (Cheyenne) strikes out Colson Kluck (Gillette)

0:42 Haight (Cheyenne) strikes out Cason Loftus (Gillette)

0:50 Haight (Cheyenne) strikes out Jamen Kolata (Gillette)

Bottom 2:

0:59 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Julian Romero (Cheyenne)

1:08 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Ethan Reisdorfer (Cheyenne) with the bases loaded

Top 3:

1:17 Drube grounds out into a 5-4-3 double play. Petersen out at 2nd. (Mason Tafoya to Keldon Hastings to Costopoulos)

Bottom 3:

1:31 Colter McAnelly grounds out into a 6-4-3 double play. Tafoya out at 2nd (Petersen to Dominic Hecker to Kolata)

1:43 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Costopoulos (Cheyenne)

Top 4:

1:54 Cory Schilling solo home run Gillette 1 Cheyenne 0

2:14 Kolata flies out to right field (diving catch by Dominic Lopez)

Bottom 4:

2:27 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Hastings (Cheyenne)

2:36 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Kaden Anderson (Cheyenne)

Top 5:

2:45 Haight (Cheyenne) strikes out Riley Schilling (Gillette)

2:53 Kolata reaches on an error. Hecker scores Gillette 2 Cheyenne 0

3:04 Schilling 2-RBI single. Petersen and Drube score Gillette 4 Cheyenne 0

3:19 Loftus RBI single. Fink scores Gillette 5 Cheyenne 0

Bottom 5:

3:36 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Ben Bohlmann (Cheyenne)

Top 6:

3:45 Corey Williams (Cheyenne) strikes out Drube (Gillette)

Bottom 6:

3:53 Fink (Gillette) strikes out Hastings (Cheyenne)

4:02 Reisdorfer reaches on an error. Romero and Lopez score. Gillette 5 Cheyenne 2

4:19 Bohlmann sacrifice fly. Anderson scores. Gillette 5 Cheyenne 3

Top 7:

4:37 Leighton Holden RBI double. Loftus scores. Gillette 6 Cheyenne 3

Bottom 7:

4:52 McAnelly scores on a bases loaded walk. Gillette 6 Cheyenne 4

5:12 Karver Partlow (Gillette) strikes out Lopez

5:23 Hayden Swaen RBI single. Costopoulos scores. Gillette 6 Cheyenne 5

5:36 Reisdorfer is hit by a pitch. Hastings scores. Cheyenne 6 Gillette 6

5:50 Romero scores on a bases loaded walk. Cheyenne 7 Gillette 6

Final score: Cheyenne 7 Gillette 6

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